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We know you have some questions .... check out the FAQs below to see if we can answer them!


Q.  Is the training tax deductable?


A. YES!  It certainly is.


Q.  When I take the training, do I work for Equi-Health?


A. Students who successfully complete the instructor training course become independent contractors for Equi-Health.  That means that you get to write off all your equine related expenses (including your horses at home provided you teach there once a year), travel and teach when and where and how often you want!  We have instructors across Canada, the United States, France, Switzerland, Australia....


Q. Do I have to find my own courses to teach?


A. Yes and No.  We market together.  Part of your training includes marketing of your own courses and we encourage you to use your contacts in the horse world, however we also market heavily for our instructors through social media campaigns, magazine and print ads, post and market your courses on the website, send you leads and refer students and host locations to you.  


Q. Are there territories?


A. No.  Territories are unnecessary.  Not only do we currently offer 7 different training courses, but there are over 2 million people involved with horses in Canada, 1.2 million riders in the UK, and another 4.6 million horse owners in the USA. so there is plenty of clients for all our instructors.  We want you to be able to travel and teach fun places as well.  We have one instructor who teaches at a guest ranch in Costa Rica every year.  You are eligible to teach anywhere you'd like...... get that passport out!


Q. So how does it 'work'?


A. Once you have a class scheduled at your own ranch or a host location, we advertise your course on the website and you advertise locally.  The primary course is offered nation-wide at the standard fee of $159.00.  You collect the fees from your students directly.  You then order your course materials from Head Office at a cost of $40.00 per student (includes their first aid manual, certificate of completion and normal/abnormal card).  


Q. Do I have to re-certify at any point?


A. Yes, your certification is valid for 3 years.  After 3 years you can re-certify via online exam, to obtain your lifetime certification and senior instructor status.


Q. What kind of support do I have?


A. We have a private instructors only page on the website where you can download handouts, marketing ideas, sample posters and brochures, sample forms, emails, photos for marketing, etc.  We also have a closed facebook group where instructors from across the world can share ideas, stories, and the like.

Senior instructors are always available for phone or email support as well.


Q. Sounds great - how do I register?

A. Send us an email, and we can start the application.  

(Make sure you've read the code of ethics form first, as they will form part of your instructor agreement.)

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