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February 8th, Equine Emergency First Aid 9am-4:30pm

  • Victory Stables -6640 FM621 Martindale Texas​ 

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Spring Equine Instructor Training Portland Oregon

  • March 7-9th location to be determined.  Email us for more information


  • February 16-20 Instructor Training

    •  Austin Texas

  • ​April 6th Equine Emergency First Aid 9:30-4:30

    • Victory Stables -6640 FM621 Martindale Texas​ 

  • April 7th, Fundamental Equine First Aid 9:00-1:00

    • Victory Stables -6640 FM621 Martindale Texas​ 

  • April 8th, Equine Emergency First aid

    • Victory Stables -6640 FM621 Martindale Texas​ 9:00-4:30

  • April 27th, Equine Emergency First Aid

  • April 28th Advanced Emergency First Aid 

  • June 8th - 9th Equine Emergency First Aid Day 1, Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness Day 2

  • June 29th - 30th  Equine Emergency First Aid  Day 1, Advanced Equine First Aid Day 2

  • July 5th-7th Instructor Training

    •  Old Iron Ranch, Lundbrek Alberta

  • November 2nd , Equine Emergency First Aid​

    • Killeen Texas​ 9am-4pm


     * More classes to come! Contact us if you would like to host a course, its easy, and fun!

If you do not see a course listed in your area, and are interested in hosting a course, or know someone who would,  please contact us! We love to travel!

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