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1. The Equine First Aid Instructor ("EFAI")  is not a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and will not identify him or herself in any such capacity, nor diagnose illness or condition nor provide advice nor administer medications.


2. The Equine First Aid Instructor ("EFAI") will at all times consider the needs and safety of the horse(s) while teaching

first aid, in order to ensure proper care and treatment of the horse.

3. Horses are a living, breathing, reacting animal. While teaching, The EFAI will consider the safety of the students at all times.


4. The EFAI will provide first aid services for any horse that may require it, contacting the local veterinarian as necessary.


5. The EFAI is representing Equi-First Aid Canada and Equi-Health Canada and will strive to maintain the high standards set for EFA Instructors.


6. The EFAI is responsible for ensuring that all students leave his or her course with an acceptable level of understanding of the course content.


7. The EFAI will strive to improve his or her equine knowledge and skills, and are encouraged to collaborate with other professionals in the equine world.


8. The EFAI is entitled to charge fees for professional services, however regardless of fees charged or received, the quality of instruction must be maintained with the usual professional standard.

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