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Every owner should know dog first aid!

Your day will be hands-on in a fun and supportive environment and include basic health and care, nutritional needs, parasite control and removal, safe muzzling, vital signs, ear injuries, sliced pads, broken/torn nails, swimmers tail, mouth injuries, eye and head wrapping, bloat, hyper/hypothermia, frostbite, heat stroke, puncture wounds, lacerations, splinting, stabilizing for transport, neck stabilization, full-body stabilization, seizures, CPR, mouth to nose resuscitation, skunk spray, porcupine run-ins, whelping, common foods poisonous to dogs, toxic plants, building an Elizabethan collar, fish hook injuries, swallowed objects, vomiting and diarrhea, administering medications, and so much more!  


We also send you home with a 130++ page canine first aid reference manual, a frame-able certificate of completion, and a wallet-sized canine first-aider identification card when you complete the training.  Check the course calendar below or contact us to host a class or arrange private training!


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